Work tables for experts

SCHLUP successfully produces tables for more than 20,000 workplaces around the world. We appreciate the trust of our clients operating in the watchmaking, fine mechanic as well as high precision industry. Where design and functionality meets the highest production criteria SCHLUP working tables are indispensable.

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The inner spaces are important.

The drawer interiors are individually designed. They allow enough space for all required tools and utensils. Since neat storage goes together with a tidy place.

From professionals for professionals

Well conceived and perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers. Our storage solution for precious material such as jewels and diamonds, is ingenious. The complete bar can be dismounted in 1 sec. and be stored in the safe over night. This well elaborated system is unique.

Precision work for efficient tool-handling

An individually designed holder system, adapted to the needs of our customers, assures a quick handling of the utensils, watchmaking tools and their easy storage.

Be equilibrated-very important at work

Thanks to equilibration-tool, the work tables of SCHLUP are always in balance.

Sustainable products in finest quality


SCHLUP was founded in 1917 and since then a trustworthy and committed partner for global work space solutions and warehouse storage systems in the field of watch manufacturing and fine mechanics high precision industry. Having its headquarter in the heart of the watchmaking metropolis of Biel, the family-owned company is well-known and internationally established. SCHLUP stands for flexible design concepts of highest quality since generations.

We can count on many loyal and renowned clients.